How Can We Support Abused Women?

How Can We Support Women Who Experience Abuse?

How can we support women who are experiencing abuse? We can support these women by gaining knowledge of what they are going through or have experienced. On March 8th every year we celebrate women’s independence under the Women’s International Day umbrella. In the light of the celebration, we must support one another as women, and the women in vulnerable or abusive situations. Though professionals play a vital role in helping these women, we can offer our support as colleagues, friends, or family, and be bold enough to expose the abuser.


WomanAbuse Victim

Woman Abuse: Overview Paper By The Government of Canada

According to the Government of Canada’s article, “Woman” Abuse – Overview Paper,” the term “woman” abuse refers to various forms of violence, abuse, mistreatment, and neglect that women experience in their intimate, kin, or dependent relationships. These include current dissolving of past relationships with husbands, common-law partners, lovers, dating partners, family members, and caregivers.”

What Causes “Woman” Abuse?

What causes “woman” abuse? Experts say there are theories and diverse opinions on the subject and one cannot focus on a specific thought on the subject. But there is an agreement that an imbalance has existed between men and women for the longest time. These professionals connect the mistreatment, neglect, and abuse of women to the social and economic reality of women’s lives. The effects of abuse such as poverty, isolation, colonization, and racism increase the possibility of “womanabuse. An understanding of these causes of abuse will help us to be more patient and supportive of victims.


What Causes “Woman” Abuse?

Can You Identify The Effects of “Woman” Abuse?

Can you identify the effects of abuse? Effects are the results of “Woman abuse. The experts state that there are physical effects like broken bones, skull fractures, and wounds. Another effect is sexual. Examples are HIV, bruising and tearing of the vaginal or anus, and frequent pregnancy. The psychological effects of this abuse include self-abuse, outbursts of anger, anxiety, and loss of concentration. While the psychiatric effects are depression, post-traumatic stress, and eating disorders. If you have noticed these signs you can offer help by following the next steps discussed below.

Support The Abused Woman

Five Ways To Support Abused Women

Five ways to support abused women are:

  • Listen and believe the survivors: According to, listen and believe survivors and avoid victim blaming. Let’s create more awareness on this subject, as abuse happens every day. The campaign against women abusers should be a life-long one, and we should be bold to speak up when we get a chance. Every woman who stands up for herself stands up for other women.
  • Set up a time to talk:  suggests setting up a time to talk privately with the victim and express your honest concern for them. Make the victim comfortable, empathize, be respectful but discuss the issues and seek to resolve the issues with them.
  • Encourage her to get professional help: Professional help makes the difference, there are free and paid services available to abused women looking for therapists or counseling services.
  • Help her make a safety plan: Make a safety plan on how to pack up her important items or travel documents, and have a “safe word” or “code” the abuser cannot understand.
  • Offer specific help: Offer specific help like childcare, taking her to appointments, or financial assistance.


In conclusion, “Woman” abuse is a public issue, given the widespread nature of this problem. We should be bold advocates of exposing abusers and uplifting the victims, which are women. Let’s lift every woman, and the ones in vulnerable situations instead of tearing them down. “Woman” abuse is a serious and urgent societal vice. A vice is a habit or behavior that is considered morally wrong or depraved according to societal norms. It is often considered as a social taboo. Vices tend to be related to a lack of control and restraint. (Source: Google)

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  1. If we are not careful society can become desensitized to serious issues because of the frequency of these issues. But we must be alert and report this around us.

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