Happy Father’s Day: Becoming A Better father

H​appy Father’s Day

H​appy Father’s Day to all the fathers around the world. Becoming a Better Father is in the hearts of well-meaning fathers. The Greek word for father is ‘Pater’ means a nourisher, a protector, and an upholder. Thank you to fathers who meet the needs of their families, nurture, and protect them. The sacrifices you make are appreciated. We understand they are all kinds of pressure, expectations, and pain you go through as a man (Better understood by God and your fellow men). The need for soul searching from time to time, self-evaluation, and improvement cannot be overemphasized. “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” is a popular quote, and it connects with the fact that as the head of your home, you will face challenges and have to make tough decisions. Furthermore, when the head is removed the whole body dies.

Happy Father's Day

T​he Other Side of the Coin

A​ccording to psychologytoday.com, the 2019 U. S. Census Bureau Study states that nearly 16 million children, about 21% live with single mothers compared to 8% in 1960.” Around 20% of fathers in the United States will not hear their children say “Happy Father’s Day,” says The Hawaii Tribune-Herald. This is because these children lost their fathers or their fathers left home, which leaves the children feeling abandoned. Behavioral problems, truancy, poor academic performances, delinquency, youth crime, promiscuity, and teen pregnancy are the effects of absent fathers. The loss of a loved one is an uncontrollable life event but the reality is it takes its toll on the family. Also, it is important to note that fathers physically available in the home but not connected or uninvolved with their children have a negative effect on the children.

Happy Fathers  Day


Culture is defined as the way of life. I come from West Africa, hence, my focus will be on African fathers. I believe the Western way of raising children is based on equality and is different from the African way of raising children. Some African fathers believe raising children with equality is a “Western thing” but my question remains: Is there room for improvement and a balance of both worlds? Rather than raise children with no rules or authoritatively, can fathers create a balance when raising their children? What’s society like with broken children who are now adults?

Happy Fathers Day

T​ips for Dads

T​hese tips will help you become a better father:

  • L​earn to love your wife in front of your children;
  • L​augh with your children;
  • B​e more kind when they make mistakes;
  • B​e honest about your mistakes;
  • N​ever pretend to be perfect;
  • S​et clear expectations before you discipline; and
  • C​ommunication must flow both ways.


“When children feel loved and cared for by parents, their sense of emotional security is strengthened. Emotional security, in turn, helps children cope with stress and makes them less vulnerable to anxiety and depression,” says Psychology Today.




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  1. Thank you for this insightful article 👏. Sadly, part of the dysfunctionality in the society is because of the lack of fathers in homes or fathers who do not take responsibility.

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