How Deep is your Love? Valentine Special!

H​ow deep is your love?

H​ow deep is your love? This is a question we should ask ourselves every day of our lives. First, let’s talk about love. What is the definition of Love? Love is an intense feeling of deep affection.​Valentine’s Day is a reminder to show love, empathy, and kindness toward others. At one point or the other, your partner, and even those you are not on a romantic level with like your loved ones, friends, acquaintances, boss, business partners, strangers, drivers on the road, or that lady or gentleman, as you wait in line, may or will drive you crazy. But, yes you can, find ways to manage them.
Moreover, the exception is you must remove yourself from toxic and dangerous people or situations. Use the right resources, the law, and the community to protect yourself.

How Deep is your Love? Valentine Special
How Deep is your love?

H​ow do you know you are ready for love?

H​ow do you know you are ready for love? The truth is if you have experienced heartbreak, suffered a loss, been abused, or watched your parents suffer in their marriage, it can be tricky to trust and hope for the best. We know one can read books, or visit professionals like counselors and psychologists but does it work all the time? They say time heals wounds but sometimes one wonders if it depends on the individual’s determination to move on from the past and take one day at a time that brings healing. Studies show being single and staying positive is a great start, and gives you the opportunity to work on yourself.

Happy Valentine

S​igns that show you are ready for love

These signs show that ready for love when:

1. You meet someone who gets you;

2. You stop questioning everything;

3. Y​ou are content with where you are in life;

4. You have fixed your own issues; and

5. You have moved on from your past relationship.

Are you ready for a relationship?

D​o you have Self-love?

S​elf-love is the regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. It does not mean being selfish or self-centered, but rather the medicine one uses to nourish oneself to give love to others. We all have been guilty of being hard on ourselves, being so critical of the mistakes we have made in the past, our relationship failures, and how others perceive us. The time has come to forgive ourselves, and embrace the fact that we are all a work in progress. Stop editing yourself to other people, and be confident enough to be authentic, as long as, you do not hurt others, and do what is right. This will make you exude confidence and attract more positive people and experiences to your life.

Do you have Self-love?

H​ow do you stay faithful and committed?

F​aithfulness and commitment in a relationship is a lot of work but worthwhile for those you care about. Here are some helpful tips:

1. B​e honest;

2. B​e creative when it comes to intimacy, talk about what you like;

3. B​e vocal about your feelings, never assume;​

4. B​e present when communicating;

5. B​e conscious of your loved ones or partner’s ‘me-time’;​

6. B​e respectful of one another’s space;

7. B​e an avid learner, use resources, watch others;

8. B​e ready to work on yourself; and

9. Be vigilant and avoid unnecessary or negative intrusions and flirtations.

How do you stay faithful and committed?

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  1. Great piece! I love the part about “fixing your own issues” & “moving on from past relationships” as this has been a major set back for so many, They can’t focus with a new relationship because they are stuck in their past!.

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