How do you organize your week?

Organize your week by getting prepared

Firstly, how do you organize your week? Preparation is the action or process of making ready or to make ready for use. Organizing means arranging in a structured or whole order.

Secondly, time flies and if one does not organize, it can become overwhelming and lead to procrastination.

Thirdly, getting prepared and planning requires you to be determined.

How do you organize your week?

How do you organize your week?

E​xperts thoughts on being organized

Dr. Bethany Cook, a licensed clinical psychologist believes that people naturally find comfort and feel safe when anything is predictable.

Furthermore, Dr. Joel Kimmel, a clinical psychologist also believes that some people do not know how to organize themselves and lack the time or energy to start.

How do you prepare for your week?

W​hat behavior describes you now?

The behaviors described below show the actions of organized and disorganized people:

  • G​et to that tasks at once or you wait till later,
  • F​ocused and goal-oriented, or more laid-back,
  • Have more discipline or you are spontaneous,
  • K​eep tidy spaces or keep messy spaces,
  • Get to appointments on time or always late, and
  • P​repared for emergencies or never prepared.

How do you plan your week?

T​ips to organize for your week

  • Keep a to-do-list,
  • Pick an area you would like to work,
  • S​et goals,
  • G​et rid of clutter at home or at work, and
  • Compartmentalize your space.


Finally, we all work differently so do what suits you. According to Dr. J. Kimmel, the benefits of organizing include feelings of satisfaction, accomplishment, reduced stress, and improved sleep. He believes that people can experience reduced anxiety, depression, increased productivity, healthier eating, and exercising. This can lead to improved relationships and living in a healthier environment.

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  1. Thanks for this. The need for organising can never over emphasised. I’ve moved from having a mental plan of my day to actually writing out my plans out.
    Thanks for this write up its a good checker and reminder for us . I enjoy your writing style also.

  2. Wow this is really helpful. I have my days or being hands on and lazy days of procrastination lol all in all I’m working on being more organised and sticking to schedules .

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