How to Forget the Past and Start Living Today

How to Forget the Past and Start Living Today
How to forget your past and start living

How to forget the past

Have you ever been in that place of constant regret, shame, and pain? Does it feel like life would be better off if you are in your “bubble”, invisible, unseen, undisturbed, and uninterrupted?

I can relate because I have been there, part of my predicament was a result of the choices I made.

Yet, I have learned that even though life has been good or bad, the present can be better, and the future can become the best.

Forget your past

Your Past

Letting go of the past is one of the most difficult things to do. Razzetti (February 13, 202O) a leadership consultant, in his blog post states,

According to neuroscience, the brain handles negative and positive information differently. Negative experiences require more thinking and, thus, are processed more thoroughly. This causes our brains to become better at remembering adverse events.”

Hence, the death of a loved one, broken marriage, infidelity, failure, betrayal of friendships or partnerships, mockery, or unkind words spoken could leave a deep, and lasting pain or scar. The issue is how do we forget this when it constantly mocks or torments us?

Time to Heal

Five Ways to Let Go of the Past

1. Let Time Heal Your Wounds

Allow time to run its course especially when you are trying to heal. Seeking professional help, and having the support of loved ones, friends, mentors, or even resources, like books, blog posts or articles have their place in the process but time is the healer.
2. Embrace Yourself

It would be unrealistic to ignore your feelings for the fear of being weak. Stop bottling your feelings. Start journaling with no judgment. Take time to write down actions you would like to take, and set new goals, it will empower you.

3. Take Baby Steps

If you have read my post on Five Practical Ways to Avoid Procrastination, I outlined ways to take steps and hold yourself accountable to achieve the desired results you want.

4. Positive People Only

We are responsible for the course of our lives. Still, it would do good to avoid toxic, negative people. Anyone who honestly, encourages you, or gives constructive criticism and feedback can be in your space; as they will help you grow. If you have no friends, join a community or use the resources available.

5. Give Back

There is a saying that givers never lack. Giving someone else, a kind smile, saying hello, or an encouraging word will go a long way to impact lives in ways you never imagined. Helping the needy with food, cash, and items they need would create satisfaction, peace, and strength. Do not underestimate the power of giving.

The Future

According to Henry Louis “Hank” Stram (January 3, 1923 – July 4, 2005), an American football coach: ” Yesterday is a canceled check. Today is cash on the line. Tomorrow is a promissory note.”


In conclusion, the steps you take today contribute to the kind of future you will have.

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