How to have a bad day at a detailing shop

Bad day at the Detailing shop

Customer experience

Customer service is the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.

Elma shared her experience at a detailing shop. She took her car for spring cleaning and asked the manager if she could have the service expedited. The manager was a bit standoffish and said he was not sure that would happen.

Previously, Elma had a discussion on the phone with a customer service agent who promised her that she would get her car back in good time.

“Did the customer service agent inform the manager about my request?” Elma thought to herself. She decided not to comment any further, hoping she would get what she asked for.

Service delivery

The car was ready in good time. Elma told the manager it looked as good as new. Her comment seemed to have triggered a reaction from the manager.

He said, “Well, I will not say new. I noticed a lot of issues with the body of your car. At least, it can take you from Point A to B.”

The manager’s comment inspired this write-up: How to have a bad day at a detailing shop. One may interpret Elma’s comment as they did a good job on the car. I do not think she meant the car became a 2023 model.

Customer satisfaction

Elma said she felt deflated, no one had addressed her in such a disrespectful manner, not even at the dealership where she takes her car for servicing. A customer should take a car, old or new, for cleaning and not receive derogatory comments from service providers. Elma received a feedback form, but she was too upset to fill it out.

How can a service provider improve customer satisfaction?

1. Is it possible that a better experience at the detailing shop would have brought more referrals and customers?

2. Do businesses or companies (big/small, public/private) take the time to train staff and management on good customer service and communication skills?

3. At what point is a conversation downright awkward, rude, or patronizing?

Food for thought, enjoy the rest of your week.


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7 thoughts on “How to have a bad day at a detailing shop”

  1. Downright awkward indeed, simply put by McKinsey & Company “In times of crisis, a customer’s interaction with a company can trigger an immediate and lingering effect on his or her sense of trust and loyalty”.
    In all honesty, frontline workers, supervisors and managers need training on customer service.

  2. Some Employees are just not a great representation of what the business stands for .
    A smile would have just been perfect when she said the car looks good as new .
    Businesses need to constantly train staff and coach them on customer service relations .

    1. Thanks so much Ajiri, well said. Big and small businesses need to train their staff. One can personally pay for courses online on how to communicate respectfully. Books and articles in this regard, are available online. We have to be intentional, to make a difference.

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