How to Shop and your Credit card will thank you later

Spend wisely, Save money

Money, Money, Money

Shopping is not a new concept. It is the action or activity of purchasing goods from stores.

The reality of the economic challenges since the pandemic hits harder and harder daily. Families have had to adjust their spending habits.

If you come from a well-to-do, or wealthy family, with a legacy and successful investments, “old money“, then this does not impact you as much.

H​ow does one survive this wonderful world of goodies? Everywhere you go there is a display of products and services on billboards, flyers, and TV Ads.

How to Shop and your Credit Card will Thank you Later
What kind of Shopper are you?

W​hat is your shopping style?

Do you know your shopping style? T​here are eight types of shoppers depending on your personality style. Identifying the type of shopper you are, is a step forward to changing bad spending habits that are not beneficial to your financial life.

W​here are you financially?

I​t is vital to evaluate where you are financially. No household is the same. Setting priorities and planning will be a great step forward. However, there will be days to reward yourself but that would be after you have planned, and are not spending more than you earn.

I​s the shopping pressure worth it?

What our eyes see, registers in our mind, whether we are aware of it or not, and that is the seed, which creates the desire to have and purchase. People shop to feel good about themselves, others do it to fit in a social class, and some do it, to compete or show superiority.

Notwithstanding, there are basic needs like food, clothing, housing, and transportation, which cannot be ignored. The question to ask yourself when about to do shopping is, is this a want or need? Can this wait?

Some projects or purchases require an individual to make an informed decision after weighing options. Never let pressure from anyone or yourself influence your decisions.

Shopping Tips

These tips will help you control your spending:

1. K​eep a Wish list,

2. Create a Shopping list,

3. Shop with the list,

4. Create a budget,

5. S​et a timeframe for making certain purchases,

6. Pick the best time for you,

7. Do not shop when hungry, upset, bored, or exhausted, and

8. Make sure you need that item.


I​n my opinion, this topic is broad and there are a couple of ways to manage finances. The crux of the matter is to consult the experts, take courses, and read books that will educate you on how to manage your finances responsibly, and not go into debt. Your credit card will thank you later.

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16 thoughts on “How to Shop and your Credit card will thank you later”

  1. Great Article!!!
    As a business owner with lots of daily and monthly running costs I’ve learned the wish list method so I purchase things in order of priority. The one thing I buy impulsively is fabrics lol 😆 hard to resist I tell myself it’s for the business. I need to cut that aswell.
    I also reward myself sometimes for working to hard and caring for everyone else.

    I could do with some saving tips aswell .

      1. Thanks for your timely shopping tips and the reminder of our financial status. We have to separate our needs from our wants so as to balance
        our budget. So good👍a reminder dear lady

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