Interview with the Nigerian Fashion Designer.

Interview with Nigerian Fashion Designer

The Interview Video

The interview with the Nigerian fashion designer was exciting and insightful. It is on video. Please see the video of this interview on YouTube, My Self-Growth Space Channel. A fashion show clip displaying her designs and work is showcased at the end of the interview video.

Meet Ms. Ajiri Amadi, the Talented Nigerian Fashion Designer

“Sassy” by JJ Couture Fashion

Ajiri Amadi is an upcoming, talented Nigerian fashion designer, and the CEO of JJ Couture Fashion House. She styles mostly women. This talented designer and seamstress is a mother of two boys, a wife, and an entrepreneur.

Where did the business start?

The Nigerian fashion designer’s business started at her house. Two years later, she acquired a bigger space for the business and hired staff to help her out. It has been a journey of learning, perseverance, and growth. This is an inspiration for upcoming entrepreneurs out there, you can start small and build your way up. Let’s get into her exciting and busy world.

Lady in Red by JJ Couture Fashion

How did this career journey begin?

“It is quite interesting, growing up at the back of all of my notebooks, in class, I would sketch little girls in dresses. All my classmates at school knew me for that. Interestingly, my mum happened to have, a tailor who would come to the house from time to time. There was a mini production room where she made little girls’ dresses, curtains, and throw pillows. I had this little doll called Sheryl. I will never forget it. Sheryl was a cute doll. I will cut my socks from school and make dresses for her.”


Although Ajiri is a Master’s degree holder from the University of Maryland, she never saw herself in the corporate world like her classmates.

African Print is Gorgeous, Another piece by JJ Couture Fashion

Her Training as a Fashion Designer

Ajiri mentioned that she wanted to be a professional and found a Fashion school in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, in Nigeria. She got the training and improved her skills. That is how she started her designing and tailoring in her residence.

A Client looking Radiant in JJ

Her Typical Workday

Typically, entrepreneurs are constantly working so she wakes up in the morning, and gets her house in order before she gets to work. She organizes her schedule and the orders for the day, before production begins every day. Ajiri also supervises her staff.

JJ Couture Fashion Creation is being rocked by a client

The Brand’s services and production

JJ Couture Fashion is a Bespoke tailoring brand, that produces custom-made dresses and ready-to-wear pieces. On the day of production, the tailors must bring all the items for inspection by Ajiri, and she does all of the finishing. In addition, her production manager goes over items to be packaged for clients, as well as producing invoices to be sent to clients.

Bling it onby JJ Couture fashion

Balancing Work life

The talented Nigerian fashionista talks about how she balances her work life. Ajiri has two kids. When they are back from school she makes time to go through their homework and prepares easy meals during weekdays.

Her thoughts on Balancing Work Life

“I would not say it is a walk in the park. You just have to find that balance. It used to be a bit difficult trying to balance things out. On school days, it is easy because you get up early, get the kids to school, . . . then I have time to myself. I try to work around the hours when the kids are at school. I take advantage of that time.”

Angel by JJ Couture Fashion

In retrospect

In retrospect to the aforementioned statement, I believe the good use of time or opportunity is one way to avoid procrastination and be productive daily. Ajiri’s strength, creativity, and motivation come from God.

When the going gets tough

When the going gets tough and there is lots of pressure, here are her thoughts:

“But at some point, when there is so much pressure, I go to the God factor. He (God) encourages me and builds me. The Holy Spirit just guides me and He tells me to push through. (. . . girl, there’s something else for you at the next level) . . . “


What makes this designer fulfilled in her business?

Ajiri feels fulfilled when clients say to her:

‘. . . I love my dress, thank you for making me so beautiful, you made my day. Statements like this keep me going.’ “

Weekend by JJ, Another brand of JJ Couture Fashion House

JJ Couture Fashion’s style

The brand’s style is clean, elegant, edgy, and chic.

“We want you to look sharp, clean, and edgy without being overdone. Most of our pieces will turn heads in the right way.”


Fashion Competitions and Shows

Vlisco Competiton/FashionShow
Left: JJ Couture Fashion CEO Right: Family Member

JJ Couture Fashion house has been in three fashion shows, in three years (in 2017, 2018, and 2019.) in Nigeria. The first one was a competition called Fashion Future.

The show was in 2017, when a group of upcoming designers, were given fabrics by a popular company called Vlisco. Vlisco asked the contestants (fashion designers) to make clothes without accessories. Accessories make clothes beautiful. I was the second-runner up. It was an amazing experience.


The last one was a fundraiser, a fashion show, just to raise funds for inner-city kids, i. e. kids in the slums, who cannot afford to go to school. The funds were used to support these children, and children in indigent locations, slums, and orphanages.

Life’s lesson from the Talented Fashion designer

“I learned as a fashion designer, you have to have a vision and be competitive as well. You have to be good.You have to grow and keep learning. I am never there and never getting to the end (of achievement). The fashion industry keeps evolving. You may be doing fantastic but the other person is doing great as well. I love fashion because everybody can be in their own lane and still be a success. . . . your creativity must improve. I learned that style is an individual thing, what may look good to you may not look good to another person. You get to appreciate everybody and your creativity must improve.”

Weekend By JJ, her Second Brand

Styling tips from the Nigerian Fashionista

“A lot of times, I get clients bringing in a slender person’s clothing design and they want me to recreate it. I say to them, okay, I feel like this (suggestion) will be better for you.”

“I learned that style is an individual thing, what may look good to you may not look good to another person.

“Whatever size you are, know your body, love your body, and dress, accordingly, wear long sleeves if you are plus size they elongate you. For the slender you can go for styles that show your best feature.”

Green in Spring, JJ Couture fashion

Contact and Consultation Information

If anyone is interested in being styled by this amazing talent; her details are below.

Phone Numbers: +2348180231510, +2349163434236
IG Handle: @JJCoutureFashion, @WeekendbyJJ. (Like, Follow, and Share). Shipping will be discussed.


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