My Food Page Journey

My food page journey
My Food Page Journey: My Vanilla Cake.

My food page journey . . .

My food page journey was the beginning of a spontaneous, creative experience. Please let me laugh at myself as this title is a little cliche. Yet, everything in life is a journey. According to Oliver Goldsmith, the Irish poet (November 10, 1730, to April 4, 1774), “Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations.” I agree with him.

It all began. . .

I was terrified from the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The uncertainty was depressing. I was working from home, homeschooling my kid, because online learning was the order of the day. My busy schedule made me realize I needed a distraction, a hobby to calm my nerves.

Memories. . .

Growing up as a female in my culture, we cooked, cleaned the house, went to the market, and ran errands. I have been cooking for years; baking was a skill I coveted as my mom used to bake delicious bread and cakes. Thanks to YouTube videos, I started practicing. My first cake was the Carrot cake, which was tasty, but attending a cake decorating class would be on my bucket list. Trying new recipes, experimenting with spices, or just taking photographs of meals I prepared have become a habit.

Take baby steps . . .

Take baby steps towards that impossible project and no matter the difficulty, never give up. What’s that dream you have kept on the back burner for so long? It’s time; we must strive for excellence, as greater heights await us.

A content creator said . . .

A content creator once said, ” . . . sometimes your friends and family may not support your vision, some may even mock and say, isn’t that a hobby? but never give up. People you do not know who find value in what you offer will support you.”

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